Rules & Expectations


  1. Follow all rules and procedures given to you by Coach Cam
  2. Be positive, friendly, exhibit Christ-like Behavior and participate in all activities.
  3. Encourage and praise others.
  4. Be a good follower and a good leader.
  5. Use equipment properly and safely.
  6. Arrive to P.E. ready for physical activity. (Including proper clothing, proper shoes and a water bottle.)


  1. Praise
  2. P.E. Website Recognition
  3. Coach Cam’s Player of the week
  4. Medals
  5. Treats
  6. Certificates
  7. Leadership Roles
  8. Fun Fridays


  1. 1st Time Offense - private conference with the student
  2. 2nd Time Offense - Fitness/extra laps during recess
  3. 3rd Time Offense - Call to parents
  4. Repeated Disruptions - Parent conference

Severe Disruptions –after 2 or more calls to the parents-Immediate Administrative Referral.