Middle School Life

Middle School PE-Coach Cam

Tuesday-Friday 2:30-3:15pm


  • Students will come to PE Tuesday-Friday
  • Wear required uniform and shoes
  • Must have a water bottle. (mandatory)
  • We will train for the Mile weekly
  • Participate in all activities, Assessments, Quizes
  • All absences must be made up within 1 week of the abscense. Please do try to schedule all Appts. after school.


  • Multiple Sport Instruction (basketball, Soccer, Flag Football etc;)
  • Field Trips Geared Towards Physical Activity
  • Annual College Tours
  • Sporting Events
  • Fitness Trackers where students can set goals and track their activity throughout the year.
  • College Tour in April (Univ of LaVerne, Univ of Redlands, Cal Poly Pomona, Pepperdine).
  • Swim Unit at Heritage Pool


  • Unit Assessments- Points vary
  • Weekly Discussions Questions/Activity Tracking
  • Participation/Behavior- 40 points possible per week
  • Presidential Fitness Testing
  • Sportfolios-Digital account of

your students PE life throughout the year.

Contact info: Ayeshac@wateroflifecs.org